At Hasbrouck Associates, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting and personable relationships with our clients to gain a full understanding of their unique needs and desires, enabling us to consistently deliver the results they deserve.  We translate our clients’ ideas and visions into reality with innovative, state-of-the-art furniture solutions.

We begin with design sketches, space layout blueprints, and a comprehensive work-plan and timeline, and we maintain communication with our clients throughout every step of the process.  Over time, our sketches are modified and adapted based on client input; developed into furniture specifications to include model numbers, product numbers, and illustrations, as well as 3-dimensional electronic CAD renderings.


We are team players who collaborate, facilitate, and manage the relationships and workflow between our clients, vendors, and subcontractors through our formidable experience working with and speaking to a broad range of groups in both formal and informal settings.  We maintain a superior ability to build and nurture strong, longstanding professional relationships and establish camaraderie within a team.

Thanks to these relationships, we can offer our clients unparalleled variety and flexibility in our product and service offerings, tailoring each project to fit practical needs and budget.  Some of the nation’s biggest industry leaders have been among Hasbrouck’s partners, including Gensler, Perkins+Will, and Brailsford & Dunlavey.



Hasbrouck Associates takes pride in our ability to provide exceptional, deadline-driven results to our clients.  We continue to deliver quality with consistency thanks to extensive collaboration with other contractors on every project, including carpenters, electricians, audio/visual specialists, and interior designers.

Hasbrouck’s expertise in project planning, coordination, and management is a significant factor in our ability to complete projects on schedule and within budget.  We implement strict workplans and timelines for every element of the project and are committed to delivering nothing less than impeccable execution.  Management activities include coordinating removal of existing furniture; scheduling necessary structural repairs, furniture replacement, painting, or installation of new structures such as lighting or windows; and timing the delivery and arrangement of the new furniture to align with the completion of the other contractors’ tasks. 

Thanks to our commitment to working seamlessly with other contractors, we can guarantee that every project will be completed on time, and to our clients’ satisfaction.


Over the course of three decades, Hasbrouck Associates has worked with over 400 manufacturers.  This experience has granted Hasbrouck the flexibility to find and deliver any component our clients need in their furniture design and workspace planning.

While we have experience with hundreds of manufacturers, we work most closely with about 25 companies that are proven providers of excellent and diverse product offerings at competitive prices.  As a result of these relationships, Hasbrouck can offer our clients a comprehensive set of styles, commercial-quality items, and custom design solutions.