Hasbrouck Associates delivers a wide array of quality services that cater to each of our clients’ unique project needs and enable us to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. 
Our furnishing services include superior ergonomic design, furniture sales, furniture space planning and layout, furniture finish package development, consulting services, project management, and relocation and replacement coordination and logistics.


We take pride in our dedication to uniting form and function as we design spaces that harmonize the practical functionality of furniture with aesthetic design qualities that are pleasing to our clients.  We specialize in implementing Feng Shui techniques to provide functional, practical, balanced, and aesthetic learning and working environments that inspire both productivity and creativity in anyone who works within the space.  When it comes to planning and layout, we maintain steady communication and collaboration with our clients at every stage of the project, incorporating all feedback into space layout designs, 3-D CAD rendering development where needed, material and upholstery selections, and every other detail necessary to ensure each client’s space is the perfect working or learning environment.


Hasbrouck Associates works closely with our clients and partners, leveraging our extensive industry experience and long relationships with manufacturers, to find the highest quality furniture that meets our clients’ specifications.  We work diligently to customize and tailor our furniture packages and workspace designs, adjusting projects to fit within requested budget constraints.  Our furniture sales offerings include, but are not limited to: freestanding desks and casegoods, seating, accessories, systems furniture, floor-to-ceiling panels, condensed file storage systems, and lateral files and shelving.  Hasbrouck Associates has had relationships with over 400 furniture vendors and manufacturers, and we have the resources to find any item our clients need, customized to their exact specifications.


We plan and execute each of our clients’ projects with the utmost precision.  From small office spaces to entire school districts, workspace environment redesign and furniture replacement requires a variety of components to work together smoothly, including the design development process; wall and floor covering removal; furniture removal coordination and logistics; estimated furniture delivery dates and times; and collaboration with other contractors such as carpenters, electricians, audio/visual specialists, and interior designers, among dozens of other factors.  Our team manages every project from beginning to end, providing tailored solutions through regular needs assessments, product quality evaluations, and thorough space planning to ensure desired
workspace environments.


Hasbrouck Associates is more than just a furniture supply company.  We analyze the existing furniture and spacing elements for each project and provide design solutions.  Specifically, we consult with our clients over the course of the project, develop a timeline for completion, conduct space studies and furniture planning, design 3-D renderings of our proposed solutions, collaborate with vendors and other contractors, provide regular updates and status reports, and focus on delivering exceptional results at every phase.  Throughout every project, we consult with our clients and other contractors to come up with and implement the best solution plan for their unique needs, including replacing, redesigning, or rearranging existing furniture to guarantee the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing use of the space.  


3.  We provide professional development services, with a proven track record of managing high-profile, large-scale, and long-term accounts, leveraging our skills in prospecting, qualifying, and advancing new needs.

4.  We work with a fervent commitment to sustainability and knowledge of LEED-standard practices and procedures to ensure our projects are friendly to the environment and to our clients’ health.

5.  We maintain a high level of flexibility when addressing client needs and are open to considering projects requiring domestic and international travel.

1.  We guarantee reliable top-quality service and attention to each of our clients as we: 

  • manage, supervise, and direct projects from design and procurement to delivery of completed services and merchandise; 
  • provide oversight of timeline and logistics while maintaining client-centric service and achieving the highest level of service delivery satisfaction; and 
  • serve in a cross-functional capacity to meet project needs. 

2.  We employ exceptional talent dedicated to developing both attractive and functional design solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.